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Off the back of their recent success with Encore – Cremorne, our client CostaFox secured an adjacent site. To recreate the winning formula, they reassembled the team to deliver their next commercial development.

This new commercial development embodied all the hallmarks of its predecessor minus the heritage component and is intentionally branded to be a ‘sister’ to Encore.

Everlane is a contemporary take on the traditional office designed to leave a lasting impression. An impression on Cremorne, the business community and those that will work and visit the development.

The sales and marketing materials were aimed at a target audience who want to feel a sense of pride and confidence in their commercial investment. To be part of a progressive building in a vibrant and enviable location. A space purchasers can truly make their own and create their own destiny.

This was delivered in spades via a series of materials of elegant and non-traditional communications. Not simply facts and figures, Everlane’s sales tools elegantly painted the picture of the building, the innovation and the benefits that will be enjoyed by those who make their mark here.