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Nestled gracefully along an elegant, tree-lined boulevard, the most recent residential release at Melbourne Square is meticulously crafted to fully engage and elevate the senses. Within a thriving, well-established precinct, the project’s strategic positioning is aimed to highlight the distinction of a peerless inner-city living experience, with a strong emphasis on promoting resort-style amenities and a heightened sense of wellbeing.

Our narrative focused on accentuating the uninterrupted panoramas spanning from the city’s skyline to the tranquil bay, encompassing the lush gardens and verdant parks. This unique positioning on the fringes of Melbourne’s iconic Arts Precinct ensured its distinctiveness within the urban landscape.

Through careful landscape design, world-class sustainable architecture, and extraordinary amenities, BLVD is truly a sanctuary in Southbank. The architectural grandeur proudly carries the distinctive signature of internationally renowned Cox Architecture, in collaboration with esteemed interior design partners CARR.


With a profound dedication to wellness and the preservation of its natural surroundings, we embarked on a journey to encapsulate the projects essence through a series of abstract and emotionally evocative visuals. These images were crafted to reflect the living experience of BLVD, the inspiration for the materials used, the serene ambiance of its parkside setting, and the vibrant cultural tapestry of Southbank’s esteemed arts precinct.

To bring this vision to life, we collaborated with Adam Gibson, a phenomenal photographer hailing from Tasmania. Renowned for his adeptness at capturing the unrefined beauty of nature, Gibson embarked on an exploration of Tasmania’s textural landscapes. Through his lens, he skilfully unveiled the raw essence of nature, exposing its untouched and captivating allure.

Adam then undertook a study of the picturesque landscape surrounding the project and Southbank Arts Precinct. These visuals not only complemented our narrative but also underscored the coexistence between urban sophistication and the splendor of nature that connects BLVD to its location.

brand development

It is this profound notion that served as the inspiration for the name of our project: BLVD. Rooted in the imagery of a leafy, tree-lined boulevard within an established mixed-use community, the name embodies sophistication. Its typography echoes that of luxury brands, a deliberate choice reflecting our esteemed design team’s commitment to quality and refinement.

By incorporating the Melbourne Square icon into the logo, BLVD becomes intrinsically linked to the broader precinct brand, forging a cohesive identity that speaks to our project’s place within the urban landscape. Every facet of the brand meticulously mirrors Carr’s impeccable execution of interior design, emphasising attention to detail and the use of natural materials. Employing a refined brand aesthetic characterised by subtle embellishments and a palette of neutral tones, our approach exudes restraint, allowing the product and brand imagery to take center stage as the true hero.


In partnership with Carr & Point Polaris, we crafted a customer journey at BLVD that epitomised the brand essence. The journey began with an emotive project film experience in the cinema, then leading visitors through a clockwise exploration of the model unit, complete with interactive screens and a spacious dining area for engaging with sales material.

The journey continued with showcases of typical and premium bathrooms, highlighting the quality and luxury of the offerings. Finally, guests were welcomed into a versatile space designed for both sales discussions and social events, fostering a sense of community. This meticulously planned journey not only assisted sales agents in conveying the BLVD lifestyle but also provided visitors with an immersive and memorable experience.


grand launch

The progression from brand and campaign strategy to the comprehensive marketing rollout, culminated in one of Melbourne’s most triumphant pre-launch campaigns of 2023, boasting a remarkable achievement of 250 out of 590 apartments sold (valued at $206 million), which is 45% sold prior to the official launch.

With this success as a motivation, the grand launch was eagerly anticipated, and even the dark clouds and rain did not deter our esteemed guests from enjoying an exceptional official launch of BLVD in its brand new display suite.

Papermill Media did an exceptional job of delivering a sophisticated, entertaining and elegant launch event — ensuring the essence of the project permeated every aspect of the night. Their attention to detail and understanding of the project, client vision and how to completely engage the guests, ensured a wonderful and successful evening.

The sales success pre and post the official launch, are testament to the commitment we brought to delivering OSK’s vision for BLVD. A campaign we are truly proud of and a continuation of our long standing relationship with OSK and Melbourne Square.

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