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Broadstead aimed to redefine country living through an innovative approach. The project’s primary goal was to set new standards for sustainability, inclusivity, and affordability, effectively distinguishing itself from the typical House & Land packages prevalent in Mitchellshire. This visionary undertaking envisioned a long-lasting development, where individuals of all ages could seamlessly connect with nature, fostering a vibrant and harmonious community.

At the heart of Broadstead’s vision was a transformation of the traditional country lifestyle into a healthier, nature-centric existence. This ambition surpassed mere housing, extending into the creation of an environment that promotes well-being, immersing residents in the natural beauty of the surroundings, and nurturing inclusiveness and community engagement. The essence of Broadstead was not just about homes; it was about crafting a holistic and forward-thinking living experience that resonates with individuals and families alike.


With a strong dedication to authenticity and individuality, the brand found its inspiration in the cultural heritage and history of the town, and effectively captured its vibrancy and diversity through a combination of striking colour palettes, complementary typography, and a distinct photographic series in its marketing materials.

The brand sought to enhance its authenticity by producing a broadsheet publication that celebrated the rich and diverse community of people who live in the area, each with their own unique stories, traditions, and perspectives. The publication was intended to showcase the region’s vitality and character while providing readers with a deeper understanding and appreciation of its people and their way of life.


In a second collaboration between renowned photographer Saskia Wilson, a photographic series was created that captured the essence of Kilmore and its surrounds. The aim was to produce a captivating collection that showcased the area’s rich history, textures, and charming township. The series featured not only local amenities but also community members, providing a glimpse into the daily lives of the people who call Kilmore home.



The newly constructed display suite stands as a seamless embodiment of rustic elegance and a harmonious integration within its natural surroundings. Emanating a soothing ambiance of country living, the suite exudes a tranquil charm that captures the essence of rural life. Our large format brand imagery adorns the walls, seamlessly blending into the interior to showcase the very essence of Broadstead Kilmore’s identity. Complementing the visuals, the creative copywriting artfully narrates the land’s rich history, creating an immersive experience that not only invites but transports visitors to envision their lives within this idyllic setting.

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